For when every second counts - stopwatch for your Pocket PC

Timekeeper 2.0 is a customizable high precision multi-function stopwatch for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone. Packaged with unique activity skins, Timekeeper allows you to time a relay, clock a chess match, or bake an apple pie. When time is up, Timekeeper wakes the device and alerts you! Track your performance over time with Timer Session history and export your data to other programs or email! Timekeeper will keep you on the go and up to speed!

Key Features:

  • Full Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smartphone support
  • Square screen, landscape screen support
  • Up to 32 independent timers available!
  • Four distinct modes: count down/stop, count down/repeat, count down/up, and count up
  • Skin files catered to determine look and feel, location and number of timers
  • "Activities" to organize groups of settings. Each activity specifies a skin, modes of all timers, and preset times.
  • "Timer Sessions" logs timer values over successive runs for tracking performance
  • Quick access menus to set times
  • Customizable sounds for alarms, laps
  • Hardware button mapping
  • Changable Preset Time list of common activities
  • Lap functionality for Count Up timers
  • Integration with hardware buttons to start/stop timers, reset, lap, etc



Timekeeper 2.11